KF Mac Consulting

Business Consulting for Artists


My goal is to assist artists in building their brand, marketing themselves to galleries and art shows that make them money, and helping them to monetize their art so that it becomes their sole source of income. This is done through a collaborative effort between the artist and myself, it is achieved through strategic planning, brainstorming, and knowing how the artists wants to be recognized and marketed to the world.

Set up a meeting:

Contact me, Kate F. MacKinnon:

  • kfmackinnon@gmail.com
  • 904.234.6350
  • Your first Hour meeting is a get to know you meeting, you tell me where you want to go with your art, your timeline for getting there, and you show me some of your art so we know what we are marketing, I also learn about you as well.
  • My consulting fee is $25 an hour